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We love His Church as we care for and serve one another and help one another grow in our knowledge of God, all while being transformed into Christ-likeness through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our journey groups are designed to help you get to know others, share life, and grow in your faith as you explore biblical topics together.


We love God as we worship Him, grow in intimacy with Him, and live in obedience to His Word. Our weekly worship services are designed to help you have a personal encounter with God and lead you into a growing, personal relationship with Him through faith in Jesus. 

Love His World

We love His World as we respond compassionately to those in need, give our resources to accomplish the purposes of God, and engage in making disciples of all nations––sharing the Gospel and helping them obey Jesus’ commands. Our goal is to help you discover and use your gifts to serve, so that others will come to know and follow Him.

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